1 Minute Read for Top Level Insights Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable program that can provide very insightful information. It is also a program that provide a large volume of information. As with any business, time is money. And, as executives, you need quick access to the important information, to make business decisions.

Below is a quick summary of how to best embrace some of the basic tools within Google Analytics. The need is to focus on top level stuff, not geting stuck in the weeds

Website Traffic - Determines if your site is growing, stagnating or declining
Total Number of Visitors
Looking at New & Repeat Visitors
Traffics spikes based on events/promotions/content

Traffic Sources - How your users are getting to the site
Organic Search - traffic via search engines
Referral - traffic from another website
Direct - Users typing your domain into the browser
Social - traffic from social media

Bounce Rate - Percentage of users that leave your website immediately after arriving
Gives you the percentage, but doesn't tell you why
Common reasons
Slow load times
Bad first impression
Poorly targeted keywords

Top Pages - Best performing pages in terms of traffic
Gives you page examples of what your website users respond to

Exit Pages - Last page the users views before leaving the site
Just identifying that makes sense. Is it a form that was filled out, etc.

Looking at these metrics on a regular basis will help guide on marketing decisions and your website performance.


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