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Online Grants Management

» Online Grants Management Program

Streamline your grant processes through our web-based solution

Scope Interative’s Online Grants Management Program is configured for funders and grantors and is designed to streamline the grantmaking workflow. We have developed a web-based platform that enables foundations to manage the grant application process via a web interface. We automate, digitize, archive and enable organizations to collaborate in a virtual environment.

We have created a series of tools that foundations can use the manage the process from the initial application, to the review and archive function. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective platform that enables foundations to move to a more digitally-based, efficient workflow.

Benefits of the Grant Application Process

For Applicants

  • Can fill out application form completely online; no need to copy and complete pdf, and send via email or mail
  • Incomplete grant application form can be Saved online; can return to complete
  • Easier for multiple inputters to work on the grant application form
  • Easier to attach support documents to grant application
  • Grant guidelines will be conveniently displayed as applicant logs-in

For Grant Administrator

  • Easier to process grant application forms; paperwork significantly reduced
  • Eliminates need to send multiple emails and/or make multiple phone calls to applicants and reviewers
  • Easier to archive and retrieve for follow-up

For Reviewers

  • All grant application forms can be reviewed online
  • Comments can be made/shared with others right on the grant application form

For All Involved

  • Applications available on-demand
  • Never needs to be printed
  • Reduces or eliminates paperwork and paper-handling significantly
  • Enhanced functionality can be added easily

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