Scope Interactive Completes Vibrant Pittsburgh Website Project

Scope Interactive recently completed an overhaul of the Vibrant Pittsburgh website infrastructure. The overall goals of the project included:

  • Create a more user-friendly navigation structure
  • Integrate a database structured content system to provide a more efficient means to update the site
  • Implement a new core set up secondary page templates to provide a more systematic user interface
  • Migrate existing site data, content and images into the new platform for a seamless transition
With the recent deployment, the Vibrant staff have taken on the task of managing the site and keeping it current.

" We always look at our role as a web development company as providing tools and resources to our clients that enable them to manage the vast majority of their site. We want them to take ownership. In the case of Vibrant Pittsburgh, we seem to be off to a very good start," said Dave Borland, Principal of Scope Interactive.


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