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Sensus Video Production

Company Name:

Sensus USA

Business Overview:

Company manufactures meters, communication systems and related products for electric, gas and water utilities.


Sensus was introducing a radically different, significantly better residential water meter. One dramatic change was moving from a traditional bronze meter body to a composite material. Customer perception was that the new material may not be as strong or perform as well as the age-old bronze.


After analyzing various ways to tell the story about the strength of the water meter material – we decided the most dramatic and believable vehicle was a video.

Scope developed the storyboard, wrote the script, performed the interviews, shot the footage, created the graphics and compiled the final video.

Since the main focus was to showcase the strength of the material, we had the client perform burst tests in its testing facility. Technicians ran high pressure water through traditional bronze and new composite meters until the products actually failed and water burst through.

The result was a very dramatic, visual presentation that proved the new composite material was able to withstand twice the amount of pressure before failure. The burst test was integrated along with technical data and development rational by a resident materials expert. The video was displayed online, within sales presentations and used at trade show.

Watch the Sensus Strength Video


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