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Sensus USA FlexNet User Forum Company Name: Sensus USA
Business Overview: Company manufactures meters, communication systems, and related products for electric, gas and water utilities.


Sensus and its customers partner in complex Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects and needed a vehicle for the community in total to communicate quickly and efficiently.


Scope created a web platform to enable the AMI community to interact, share stories and best practices, and exchange information on the integration process of the Sensus Flexnet AMI communication system within their respective utilities.

A sophisticated message board platform was developed that functioned like a web-version of Microsoft Outlook. This rich client interface enables users to control the screen real estate allocated within each of the viewing panes. Gone are the days of click, view and back. Users change the view and access pages quickly and easily. They can subscribe to topics/threads to receive email alerts and can also add attachments to their own posts.

Sensus now has a web-based technology in place that reflects the innovation of the products and systems that it sells in the utility market space.