» Project: Sensus Get the Net Ad Campaign

Sensus Get the Net Ad Campaign

Company Name:

Sensus USA

Business Overview:

Company manufactures meters, communication systems, and related products for electric, gas and water utilities.


FlexNet is the Sensus radio-based, communications system that enables residential and commercial meters to send usage and other pertinent information back and forth to the utility office. FlexNet was a relatively new product that had been briefly introduced as a flexible and powerful system. The customer now wanted to establish a brand recognition for the product.


Get the Net. The big idea behind the print and electronic advertising campaign was to firmly establish the FlexNet name as well as position it as a superior current and future (expandable) communications tool for the utilities.

Rather than show hardware and explain radio technology, we wrote and designed the ads in a consumer style featuring benefits of information and technology to satisfy the end customer – which is the ultimate goal of utilities.

Separate Get the Net ads were prepared addressing the specific needs of the electric, gas and water utilities. The theme was also carried through in direct mail, trade show graphics and other communications.

The end result was that, in a relatively short time, all segments of the utility industry were talking about and requesting more information about Sensus FlexNet.


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