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Extrel Trade Show Design Company Name: Extrel CMS, LLC
Business Overview: Company manufactures research and process mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers (RGAs), quadruple mass spectrometry systems and components.


How can a relatively small company afford to look like a big player in a huge trade show?


The first thing that we decided was that a custom-built island display was cost prohibitive. However, we had a source of used displays that could be re-furbished and re-designed with new graphics for considerable savings.

The Extrel marketing team was pleased with this affordable solution. We started with a couple of 20’ x 20’ themed displays that generated a lot of attention at major shows. And recently moved up to an even larger corporate display that has been successful in positioning the company and its superior products in the overwhelming floor space of major trade exhibitions. We handle all the design and production of the exhibit graphics as well as other show support as necessary.