» Project: Sensus OMNI Product Launch

Sensus OMNI Product Launch

Company Name:

Sensus USA

Business Overview:

Company manufactures meters, communication systems and related products for electric, gas and water utilities.


Meters are the cash registers for water utilities and commercial meters represent the largest flow of cash. Not much had changed in water meter technology in over 50 years. Until the introduction of the new Sensus OMNI line of commercial/industrial meters. The assignment – educate utilities to re-think the way they measure water consumption and income.


Sensus engaged Scope Interactive to develop a dynamic integrated campaign utilizing both digital and traditional media. The strategy was based on OMNI’s flexibility, versatility, efficiency and positive impact on the environment.

We aggressively immersed ourselves in understanding the product and the market. We needed to know the benefits of the new technology and what they meant to the utilities.

We used our research to develop a two-pronged approach – create product awareness and educate the target audience. We had to convince a conservative market that this new technology would better serve their customers and definitely improve their utility operations.

The OMNI introduction included aggressive public relations, advertising (print and online) and direct marketing with multiple tactics for our target audience designed to obtain additional information from them. Once we created the interest and inquiries, we utilized the web site to educate.

OMNI campaign elements:

  • Case studies and technical articles
  • Print and online advertisements
  • Brochures and product literature
  • Micro-site including animation/video
  • Direct mail, both print and electronic
  • Sales kit including presentations and product cutaway
  • Trade show graphics and support materials
  • Distributor sales incentive programs
The bottom line was an extremely successful launch that increased our client’s market share and enabled them to obsolete legacy products in half the time they had initially estimated.


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