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Epilepsy Association Web Site

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Epilepsy Association of Western / Central PA

Business Overview:

The Epilepsy Association Western/Central Pennsylvania (EFWCP) provides public education and supportive services to individuals and families affected by epilepsy/seizure disorders.

The marketing experts said they were matronly."

Never mind that this is an organization that provides vital programs and services to more than 66,000 men, women and children living with a life-altering disorder; the Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania had the image of matronly."

EFWCP leadership knew that if they were to survive shrinking non-profit funding streams, the organization's external image had to better reflect the progressive menu of services it offered to its constituents. The logical starting point: Technology. Delivering key messages with a technologically advanced vehicle would not only efficiently reach target audiences, but it also would do so in a format that exudes the characteristics of a modern, cutting-edge service organization. People want to be with a winner. And winners are successful by remaining on the cutting-edge of their field.

EFWCP officials chose a CD-Rom to educate key audiences about the organization. They chose to create that tool through Scope Interactive, Inc.

We were impressed with the extra effort that Scope took to understand epilepsy, our mission as a service and program provider, and the various challenges our constituents face," said Judy Painter, executive director of EFWCP. We knew we would be in good hands."

Scope first assessed marketing, programming and development goals that EFWCP staff expected the CD-Rom to deliver. But as Scope listened, they identified an opportunity to elevate the project success: Make the tool interactive, capable of serving as a portal to the charity web site. But EFWCP had an antiquated web site, and a CD-Rom pointing to an outdated web site would contradict the very image of progressive" that the organization sought.

Scope presented EFWCP officials with a plan that enabled the non-profit to stretch funding earmarked to pay for the CD-Rom to also include a new web site. Partnering the CD-Rom and web site would create an interactive experience for users, thereby increasing ownership of the non-profit by its constituents a proven strategy to keep funding streams healthy.

As a result, CD-Rom sections about first aid included a link that allowed users to view the latest in first aid measures. Instead of simply explaining how the job assistance program worked, a web link pointed to the actual area where users could leverage the program. Teenagers did not have to settle for learning about forums to talk with peers, they could link right to those pages.

Scope staff also created a web design specifically to complement the CD-Rom in order to present one, consistent image to external audiences.

While the web project proceeded, Scope project managers worked closely with EFWCP staff on the CD-Rom. The team worked to ensure that sections targeted to medical professionals, educators, and every age-range of those living with epilepsy spoke directly to that particular audience. Scope technicians also created weekly beta versions of the CD-Rom for client review and revision.

We simply couldn't be happier with the end product of both the CD-Rom and the web site," Painter said. It's exactly what we needed to better present our message to every audience segment we interact with."

What started as a project to place EFWCP on the list of progressive non-profits became a plan that caught the attention of Epilepsy Foundation chapters across the country as a smart method to meet marketing, programming and development demands.

Through a modern web site and an interactive CD-Rom, EFWCP today works from outreach tools reserved for groups on the cutting-edge of the non-profit community. A winner? You bet. Matronly? Please.


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