» Our Content Management Approach

Well-conceived Content Management delivers the right information at the right time, in a format that users not only easily grasp, but embrace. Unlike many firms, we engineer our system from a user’s point of view. We think more about data delivery than about whether an application works in a purely technical evaluation. Our goal is not simply to launch a set of applications and features, but to enable information exchange, brand development, administrative efficiency and revenue generation. The ultimate measure of any application’s success is its ability to be supported, managed and extended.

Some firms will try to sell a client a Content Management approach that gives the illusion of “control” at the page level while ignoring larger issues of site evolution. We focus instead on Content Management at the database level. We view the database as the primary contributor of information and we use our Component Library to integrate the web application. Our robust system allows you to go beyond mere page updating to manage relationships between pieces of content, allowing one piece of content to have multiple identities depending on how it is viewed in various contexts and renditions. This is creating a content management system based on the “object model.” Combined with intelligent flagging of content, the object model supports efficient re-purposing of information, making it easier to adapt to unforeseen opportunities and changing web technology.

Our CMS system is designed to provide our customers with maximum user interface flexibility and the process of managing the designated site content simply and efficiently. Our goal was to develop a CMS platform that required NO design / branding compromise, providing a foundation that didn’t restrict the interface now or in the future. In addition, we architected a system that was easy to use, focusing on the core elements of Content Management that affect administrators on a daily basis.

Our promise is to build a site that extends your brand, with no compromises, and create a platform for efficient site management — with no scaleability issues. You will have a site that can evolve, no matter what that evolution entails.

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